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PolyActive microspheres  

Why use our proprietary controlled release technology - PolyActive®?

Our main proprietary controlled release technology platform is called PolyActive. This patented degradable polymeric delivery system enables us to develop tailor made controlled release formulations, specifically for injectable protein drugs. Use our parenteral controlled release system for delivery of your protein drug product. Our proven proprietary microsphere technology significantly augment drug efficacy while reducing side effects by increasing their half-life. Since fewer injections will be needed, patient compliance is enhanced as well.

We offer our partners 15 years of PolyActive Microsphere formulation & process development experience


  • Formulation development experts have many years of experience with the development of PolyActive microsphere formulation. Our experts have completed more than 50 PolyActive projects for the development of drug products for different therapeutic areas like oncology, ophthalmology, and inflammation. 
  • Process development experts are fully equipped to design and develop small to large scale, robust processes taking into account the GMP requirements. Our processes are immediately ready to be transferred to commercial operations (plug and play approach).
  • Analytical development experts are fully equipped to design and develop the required analytical methods according to its specific needs.


OctoPlus fully implemented the Quality by Design methodology

What makes OctoPlus unique is the full implementation of  the Quality by Design methodology (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) that ensure the development of highest quality processes in the most efficient way. Advanced statistical tools are used such as:

  • Design of Experiments (DoE) that enables our team to develop cost-effective, scalable and robust processes. 
  • Robustness by Design (RbD) that enables our teams to be able to develop robust, cost-effective analytical methods. 

QbD is strongly advised by the regulatory agencies  EMA, FDA and ICH

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A successful PolyActive story

OctoPlus successfully developed Locteron ® an injectable sustained release formulation of interferon-a2b for the treatment of Hepatitis C.
This product, based on our PolyActive technology, is one of a very few sustained release protein formulations that reached late-stage clinical trials.

It is an excellent example of the advantages of controlled release technologies and the positive impact they can potentially have on patients’ lives.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is, either independently or in collaboration, joining forces with the academic world and industry, to make innovative injectables available to a global market. Good health can't wait.


Our mission is to accelerate access to affordable and innovative injectables

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