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Why use Nanosuspensions?

Sometimes an active pharmaceutical ingredient needs more than a simple formulation to become a successful drug. A common problem is poorly soluble drugs with a low bioavailability. Nanosuspension is an attractive and promising alternative to solve this challenge. Nanosuspension consists of the pure poorly water-soluble drug without any matrix material suspended in dispersion.

  • Preparation is applicable to all drugs with poor/very poor solubility.
  • Improves drug safety and efficacy


OctoPlus is focusing its expertise on the innovative long-acting injectable Nanosuspension Technology

The controlled release Injectable nanosuspension is one of OctoPlus’ new areas of expertise. OctoPlus has 20 years of experience with formulation and process development of innovative injectable drug delivery systems such as:

  • Liposomes: lipid based carrier system for targeted delivery of for example  poorly soluble drugs 
  • PolyActive microspheres: polymer based carrier system for controlled release of proteins
  • PLGA/ PLA microspheres: polymer based carrier system for controlled release of small molecules

We offer our partners 20 years of formulation and analytical development experience with low soluble molecules and nanoparticles

Nanosuspension is a logical next step for OctoPlus as we can use our 20 years experience in low soluble drugs. We have worked with many different poorly soluble drugs and therefore have analytical tools and techniques ready to be used. Currently OctoPlus has several nanosuspension projects for controlled release under development. For the development of long-acting injectable nanosuspensions our formulation, process and analytical experts work closely together.

OctoPlus fully implemented the Quality by Design methodology

What makes OctoPlus unique is the full implementation of  the Quality by Design methodology (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) that ensure the development of highest quality processes in the most efficient way. Advanced statistical tools are used such as:

  • Design of Experiments (DoE) that enables our team to develop cost-effective, scalable and robust processes. 
  • Robustness by Design (RbD) that enables our teams to be able to develop robust, cost-effective analytical methods. 

QbD is strongly advised by the regulatory agencies  EMA, FDA and ICH.

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Our professionals are following the Quality by Design methodology

QbD ensures quality by having a thorough understanding of all different components and processes involved in every stage of the drug development.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is, either independently or in collaboration, joining forces with the academic world and industry, to make innovative injectables available to a global market. Good health can't wait.


Our mission is to accelerate access to affordable and innovative injectables

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New website per May 2015

We proudly present our new website which will inform you about our new strategy. Instead of solely offering our services to customers, OctoPlus more and more focuses on strong partnerships and cooperations with academic institutions and industry.


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