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Our capabilities

OctoPlus develops formulations from proof of concept to scale up

Since our inception in 1995, we have gained significant knowledge and expertise in the fields of pharmaceutical development. We have specialized in the development of complex injectables from proof of concept to scale up ending up in robust processes ready to be transferred to commercial operations (plug and play approach). Our capabilities are:


  • Formulation development
    We have developed and improved already more than 60 formulations and processes in close collaboration with our partners. Click here to learn more about our experience in Formulation development.
  • Analytical development
    We have 20 years of experience with analytical development of complex products such as PLGA/PLA microspheres, PolyActive microspheres and liposomes.  Click here to learn more about our experience with Analytical method development.
  • Process development
    We are fully equipped to design and develop small to large scale, robust semi-continuous processes taking into account the GMP requirements. Click here to learn more about our experience with Process development.

  • Scale up
    We deliver processes that are immediately ready to be transferred to GMP manufacturing (plug and play approach).

Our partners recognize us as a global center of excellence for formulation & process development. Together we have taken many products to the clinic.

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OctoPlus offers analytical solutions for complex challenges

Low concentrations of highly potent compounds?

Interfering excipients or degradation products of controlled release polymers?

We have seen them all over the years

Vision & Mission

Our vision is, either independently or in collaboration, joining forces with the academic world and industry, to make innovative injectables available to a global market. Good health can't wait.


Our mission is to accelerate access to affordable and innovative injectables

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